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Checking made-up Japanese place names for a desert region.

UPDATE: This question was submitted over a week ago  and I no longer need answers -- I have handed in the final draft of the novel! For whom it might interest, the  linguaphiles thread  is here.

In the alternative world of my trilogy, Romanitas, North America is divided between the Roman Empire and the Japanese (Nionians.)

I’m editing the third book and I need to check some of my made up place names for plausibility/ludicrousness. These are for places in Nevada and Southern California, so deserts and salt flats as geographical features.

I used language websites and sites on the etymology of actual Japanese place names to construct these, but clearly “do these sound okay” isn’t something you can really Google.

I once came perilously close to naming a place “The Lake of Respiratory Infections” when I was going for “Cold Lake”. So I won’t say  ‘don’t laugh’!



Arenoshi . A  city in a desert, near a gorge, not that far from where Las Vegas actually is. I seem to have intended, rather boringly, the meaning “desert city.” But I have grave doubts about this one!

Hekisei.  A  district of the above

Kankomura.  A village

Akase Mountains The Sierra Nevada and  I cannot work out for the life of me what I intended this to mean. I gather

Yokusawa. A small town

Tamocho.  A city somewhere in California --  I think I meant it to be around where Fresno is.


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