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WWII Uniform Images- US Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Marines

Hello, everyone!

I need IMAGES for what I'm asking for in this post. I thought this would be an easy find, but I've actually been struggling with it, and I can't even find a relevant book in our library system. While I have found some text descriptions, they really aren't doing the trick. I honestly need the visual.

1- US Navy Uniforms during WWII. I am not looking for the standard private (sailor) uniform, but any higher ranks, formal dress, semi-formal dress, etc. are welcome.
2- Royal Navy Uniforms during WWII. Same as above.
3- Royal Marine Uniforms during WWII. Same as above.

I have googled a lot of search terms WWII + (Relevant Branch) + Uniform, and WWII + various ranks, and various years + relevant branch + uniform, etc. I'm really not finding what I'm looking for. I'm finding text sites, but not much of anything with good images.

Thank you so much!
Tags: usa: history: world war ii, usa: military: historical, ~clothing

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