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Comatose dreaming.

Is it possible to dream while in a comatose state?

Combinations I've Googled ("comatose dreaming" "dreaming while in coma") have given me mixed answers and not much definite factual info, mostly just messageboards that are pretty open-ended. As far as I understand, there are different levels of coma, and coma patients can sometimes have spikes in brain activity while still in the comatose state... But REM sleep is a different state one can't achieve while in a coma, right? One source (LiveScience) says: "Patients in vegetative states pass daily through normal sleep cycles. Their eyes can open, and they have some reflective movement." Does this mean that in some cases they can also dream? If not, disregard the rest of my questions, I guess...

If yes—and this is probably a tough one to answer, but—would the dreams more likely be in color or greyscale? What kind of content could they potentially dream about (shapes, people, etc.)?

Thanks in advance! :)
Tags: ~medicine: coma, ~medicine: injuries: head injuries

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