The Matrix Refugee (matrixrefugee) wrote in little_details,
The Matrix Refugee

Effects of REM deprivation in a sci-fi setting

Subject is a healthy male in his late thirties to early forties, but is a habitual user of a powerful barbiturate which has caused him to be unable to have dreams/experience REM sleep (Yes, this is related to "Inception"). Unfortunately, he's been deprived of the barbiturate, which is the only thing that helps him to dream on his own. I've looked up "REM deprivation" and "effects of REM sleep deprivation". Unfortunately, this brought up information on plain old sleep deprivation. Also a friend told me that not getting enough REM sleep can lead to powerful, realistic hallucinations while one is awake, but I wondered if this sort of thing would even be possible given the effects which the habitual drug us has had on the subject's mind.
Tags: ~medicine (misc)

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