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After a Rape, Investigating Investments, Cool Cars of Tomorrow

Setting:  USA, 2040-ish

Searches:  "rape kit procedure unconscious victim"-esque strings turned up very depressing news stories but no answer to my question, much like "hypovolemic shock rape emergency contraception", etc; no clue how to search for the investment investigation question; and lots of "future classic cars USA -sportscars", etc, searches didn't help me much because I don't know the limits of retrofitting.  Also checked the community tags, which did help with other questions, but had conflicting answers about rape kits.

Would a severely injured (multiple severe if not life-threatening injuries--very badly bruised, lots of cuts from sharp objects, plus severe blood loss, etc) character who has also been raped and who is presently unconscious be given a rape kit after she has been stabilized but before she has regained consciousness?  What if the FBI is involved and pushing for it since it is possible she won't regain consciousness at all?  The character is an adult Jane Doe in a hospital in rural Georgia.  Would she be offered emergency contraception at all in light of her injuries when she does regain consciousness?

A victim of numerous federal crimes makes a series of investments shortly after she is rescued.  She uses her own money, has no connections that would give her access to insider trader sorts of information, and is not a mathematical/computer genius (insofar as anyone knows, anyway).  The companies she invests in cover a very wide range of (legal) businesses which are not all owned by the same conglomerate, or even a handful of conglomorates.  Within a month she is worth a little less than three hundred million dollars, from an initial investment of nine thousand.  It looks awfully suspicious to me, and I'm the one writing it:  what would the FBI, SEC, etc, do in this case?  My character is very cooperative, inisists on paying all relevant taxes, and is so clean she squeaks otherwise.  Ideally, I want the feds, with bad or good grace, to essentially shrug and let her go about her business with all her money.  She doesn't care if she gets audited every year thereafter, just that she has the cash to "indulge her eccentricities", ie, build a roach motel for vampires.

Different character, same story.  He needs a car with:  very good safety-features;  either no GPS or GPS that can be disabled;  wonderful gas mileage and/or an ability to run on biofuels;  excellent steering and braking systems, even if the car takes a direct hit from a lightning bolt;  a trunk large enough for a corpse or two;  leg-room;  and excellent suspension/undercarriage because the last thing you need when leaving a corpse in a shallow grave is to break an axle on the way out. 

He's concerned about paper trails so ideally this is a car that he can fix without having to hook it up to a diagnostic computer, and with parts he has a reasonable chance of finding in junkyards around the country.  Of course it also needs to be fast, for eluding cops and the Wild Hunt.  Oh, and it needs to hit the happy spot between "meh" and "ZOMG, I've never seen one of those outside a museum!  Can I marry it?"--so, cool, but not awesome. 

Now, this guy is an automotive wizard, so he can retrofit things if he needs to, but then he needs a car than can realistically *be* retrofitted--if there's no room for a bigger carburator, there's just no room, y'know?  This guy thinks of himself as a "shark, moving through the dark rivers of the night" (yeah, sharks don't normally turn up in rivers, he's a mage, not a biologist).  He has excellent if somewhat shady connections and money to spend, though nowhere near as much as my female character up there.  What does this guy drive?
Tags: usa: georgia, ~cars, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~sexual abuse & assault, ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my

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