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Mayan Astrology

 I need to know anything and everything about Mayan culture, but particularly Mayan Astrology. I'm attempting to brainstorm for a  new fantasy idea/world based off of the culture of Meso-America, and part of the world is going to be based off of the totem animals in Mayan Astrology. So far, I've found one website ( that went into detail about the totem animals, but is now not working for me.

I'd really like both general overviews of the differences between the totem animals and in-depth descriptions of them. In addition, anything else you guys think is relevant. Getting general information on Meso-American tribal cultures isn't going to be so difficult, but I've found that good, accurate, detailed information is hard to find.

Terms I've tried in Google:
Mayan Astrology
Animals of Mayan Astrology
Mayan Zodiac
Animals of Mayan Zodiac
Mayan Totem Animals
Information on Mayan Totem Animals, etc.

I've also looked at the Wikipedia articles on Mayan Astrology, but have yet to look at the articles on Aztec astrology.

Tags: mayan civilization, ~native americans, ~religion & mythology (misc)

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