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Maximum length of court-ordered rehab in New York City

Setting: Modern day New York City

Brief description of situation: Character is a famous musician who causes a car accident, including major property damage, while driving under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. First offense. He and passenger are injured, but no one else is involved. In addition to his other legal penalties (community service, fines, suspension of license), the courts order him into rehab. I’m just looking for what a realistic amount of time would be in this scenario.

Used Google to search for “court ordered rehab”, “maximum length of court ordered rehab in New York”. Directed to sites such as http://www.soberrecovery.com (looked around in the forums), http://www.peele.net/lib/court.html, and http://www.thegooddrugsguide.com/drug-and-alcohol-treatment/types-treatment-centers/group-setting/court-ordered-rehab.htm, and various other sites that talked about court ordered rehab in general terms. I found one article stating an individual had been ordered to enter rehab for 20 weeks and another for 13 weeks, but I couldn’t find anything stating whether or not there was a standard length of time assigned or a maximum.

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