Grey Bard (grey_bard) wrote in little_details,
Grey Bard

India in the 1st Century C.E. as well as its trade with Rome at the time

While I have a very basic grasp on the history of India, my Eurocentric public library has been less than helpful on the details. Everything they have seems to fall into the one subcontinent, three millennia, myriad cultures... one badly written volume variety of textbook. Either that or "Here, have some religions" with no real mention of the rest of the culture. Frankly, I learned more from the PBS history series.

I'm trying to research India in the first century C.E. for both a story and my personal curiosity - who was in power where, who was trading what with who, general level of technology and other such meaty details. Also, their trade with the Roman empire at the time.

Can anyone give me a good place to start that's more in-depth than Wikipedia? Book recs eagerly accepted, but in-depth websites are great too.
Tags: india: history, roman republic & empire

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