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Post Surgery Care and Traveling/Sniper Position

Thanks to all of you wonderful folks for your help in the past.  The Story That Will Not Die has gotten to the next (i.e. the end is somewhere off in the far distance).  I did put the operation into the story, and found this to be extraordinarily helpful:  It's called Primary Surgery, for doctors operating in tropical/and or desert environments with little or no equipment.  There are a number of sections.  With a little futzing around with reality, I wrote a surgery scene where they successfully treat a bleeding ulcer, going step by step from the instructions from the above site.

SO, now I have the king heavily bandaged, and they have to get him back to the rebel camp, and maybe traveling afterward.   What would they do if he starts bleeding through his bandages?  Would he have to be kept in a sitting position?  Would he be able to travel by carriage, and if not, how soon?  How long does this sort of abdominal surgery take to heal? (It won't get infected...I don't want to add 30 more chapters to this thing).

Next question: I'm working out the details of the coup d'etat.  Part of the military is on the side of the rebels, and they help storm the city (yes, I've saved everything from my previous questions, thanks!).  One question--in order to shoot someone with one of those clumsy guns, how far away could a sniper be (on a rooftop) and still manage a decent shot?
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