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Language Barrier -- English to Cantonese

Time Period:  The story takes place about 500 years into the future -- the character is a good 3000 years out-of-time, however, and the other characters he interacts with speak English and pidgin Mandarin (yes, we're in the Firefly 'Verse) and I need him to be speaking a language that one of the characters will be able to recognize but not understand -- I figured that for this, Cantonese would work and I could just say that he's speaking an unfamiliar dialect.

The problem is, he has dialogue and I want it to be the genuine article.

Setting:  Future society that's American/European merged with Mainland China

Attempted search terms:  "where am I?" english to cantonese, english to cantonese dictionary (this gave me a few good terms, but I couldn't find a translation for words like "am" and "I"), cantonese dictionary, cantonese translation, english to cantonese translation, the tags on this community, wikipedia search for "cantonese phrases" that turned up blank, wikipedia search for "cantonese" that gave me the history of the language and westernization...

What I'm looking for:  All I really need is "Hello," "Where am I?  Who are you?" and "I don't understand."  If someone by magic had those terms in, say, an old dialect of Cantonese, I would love you forever, but general Cantonese will work for these purposes.  Preferably in the Jyutping (Pinyin?) because my word processor doesn't support Chinese characters.
Tags: ~languages: chinese

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