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Inner Workings of the West Wing

Setting: 2121, i.e. futuristic America, where a dictator who rules under the guise of President has complete and utter control of the lives of his citizens.
Search terms: west wing, west wing lackey, working in the west wing, etc.

First-time poster here and a little frustrated. I'll just get right into it.

The year is 2121. (Not an intentional Phil of the Future connection, I assure you.) A man named Austin Baxby is the current "President" of the U.S., though a more accurate word would be dictator, and the story of how that came to be is long and involved and mainly irrelevant, so I'll just skip it. Long story short, Baxbutt's got the House rigged so that the main character - the glorified-lackey-VP Walter's daughter, Gwen - will succeed him, just as Baxby's own son, Russell, will succeed as President. But since Baxby and Walter are still alive and kicking, both Gwen and Russ are stuck in a very intern-like "preparation" employment.

Now, this is about Gwen, because she's the main character. I want to know of several open low-level West Wing jobs and what they entail, also perhaps the salary they average. It would be fantastic if they had an official position for "errand chick" or "paperwork monkey" or "permanent intern," but anything along those lines and similar will work. Of course, the position would probably be modified so that Gwen would be afforded the opportunity to observe as much White House politics and goings-on and procedure as she possibly could; and also modified so that her major boss is her father, the VP, though other officials would probably be able to order her around.

I've tried searching Google, but quite honestly, search engines can't give me this kind of information because I need little details, this comm's namesake. When searching "west wing" and such, I am mostly confronted with summaries of the jobs of higher officials in the White House, not the little people that make it all happen; not the hour-by-hour recount of your average day in the House.

I'm sure any detail you can offer will help. Thanks in advance!

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