Lydia (paraph) wrote in little_details,

Missing persons reports in Japan

A "little" detail indeed, but surprisingly hard to research.

When: Modern day
Where: Tokyo, Japan
Who: Adult Male

My question is this:

In Japan,(specifically Tokyo) how much time must pass after an adult male citizen goes missing, before friends or family can file a missing persons report?

For that matter, can a friend, acquaintance, employer, etc, file a missing persons report? Or can only those related to person in question file a report?

I've searched the archives here and done a few hours googling, but I've had no luck. Internet searches mainly return result on the recent rash of missing elderly in Japan.

Searches tried: Japan missing person, Japan missing persons report, Japan missing persons report time, japan missing person laws, Japan missing adult
Tags: japan: government: law enforcement, ~missing persons

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