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What are the Daily Duties of a U.S Military Commander of a Base?

Time frame: Modern Day
Setting: U.S Military Base

Background Situation:
I am working on a Stargate Atlantis story detailing what a typical day might be like for the Commanding Officer, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard. (U.S Air Force) The 'base' is on an alien city the size of Manhattan, but with a population of anywhere between 200-400 civilians and military personnel. Most of the military stationed there are Marines, some Air Force personnel and military personnel of other countries. There are teams that explore various worlds, sometimes encountering hostile situations, but these teams conduct trade agreements with other societies, and sometimes acquire new technology. The city's main objective is research and exploration. The city is under a constant threat from other alien races and Sheppard has lead several battles in space and on other worlds. He is an experienced pilot and can fly the city small contingent of 'jumper' ships and is one of the few who can operate the city's defensive weapons.

By main questions is what would my CO do on a day-to-day bases when he is not leading an off-world mission? I am aware that there are pre and post mission briefings. That the CO has to conduct personnel reviews, training exercises, overseeing military law, but what about all the mundane stuff?

What's involved in base/city administration? What would he oversee, develop, or constantly be bombarded with on day to day bases? What are his duties?

Even if you have never seen the show, I can take what a CO of any small base does in a war zone or non-war zone and apply it to my situation. I'm just trying to write a short 'slice of military life' story.

I've Googled every combination of “CO” “Commanding Officer” “Colonel” Duties” “Base”. I've also searched Wikipedia and both the Air Force and Marine websites.

Thank you.
Tags: usa: military (misc)

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