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Looking for info on how identity theft affects the victim

Setting: Present USA

Searched: Identity theft/Fraud affects

I'll admit I haven't done a very wide search because I'm not entirely sure of what I should search for. My main character is a victim of identity theft which results in him losing his home, his job, ruining his life overall. I figure the victim will lose his job based on a criminal record for which my second character is solely responsible for.

My first question is can an employer fire an employee based on a criminal record? Could they be sued? Would my main character be able to get unemployment or anything? I plan to have the loss of his job and ruined credit be the cause of him losing his house but is that something that could actually happen? Could the theft of someones identity result in them losing their job and home?

Additionally, I have to have my main character find out the name and address of the guy who stole his identity. Is there, realistically, a way that could happen?

I read a news story a couple of years ago about a guy who found out he was the victim of identity theft because he received a W2 for a job he never held but do criminals who commit this sort of crime ever actually use their real address. From everything I've seen on tv it seems nearly impossible to find these people sometimes.

Basically I just need some advice on how exactly I could have my main character find out the name/address of the person who stole his identity, and if it's realistic to lose ones job and home as a result of identity theft.
Tags: ~scams

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