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Military strategists, and officer promotions

Timeframe: modern day/near future
Setting: US Army

A is an officer. A is a brilliant strategist. A is a woman. How would/could she be in a position where her strategist skills are brought into light?

I've been doing a lot of research, but I feel rather silly when realizing that I have no idea how to use these skills of hers. She's an Engineer, but I'm thinking of having her move into CA or MISO/PSYOP as a Captain.

Because this takes place in the future, and there have been recent discussions about allowing women into Combat Arms MOSes, I could probably wing it and have her in a combat role...but I don't really want to do that if I don't have to. And there really isn't a "military strategist" MOS.

Scenario 2: A has thirteen years of service. I'm thinking she would be a Major, but close to being promoted to LtC?

A is married, and gets pregnant the night before a deployment. Because of this, she passed the pre-deployment pregnancy test and ships. Because of the conditions of the deployment (relatively stressful), her period has been irregular/non-existent and she isn't really paying attention to it. She finally feels exhausted/out of it/sick enough to go to a medic, where the pregnancy is identified. This happens ca 4 months into the pregnancy/deployment. I have her getting sent home asap.

Am I right that this would be a career killer -- or at least a hold? Or since she didn't actually do anything wrong, would anything happen at all?

I'd like to have her promoted to LtC eventually, but with the stigma of getting pregnant on deployment (she didn't, but this is what most people assume, even though the child is her husband's and he definitely wasn't there with her), I assume she wouldn't be selected at the next promotion board. Would she be up for review every year after that? How long would it take for her to get over the whole stigma? She's otherwise a great officer. Everything I read is opinions and no official rules, except that now sex is allowed on deployments...except that she didn't have sex while deployed, but right before.

Also, in general: how does an officer improve their chances of getting promoted? I read that if you miss the promotion board the first time, it's unlikely you'll get it the next time...but is it possible to overcome this? If she spends 5-8 years total as a Major, will she ever have the chance of getting promoted?

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Tags: usa: military (misc)

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