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Terminology for filing an internal complaint; how to address a medical intern

Search terms: "internal complaint procedure hospital", "internal complaint
procedure 1950s" (1960s, 1970s); "filed an internal complaint"+hospital

Setting - an American mental hospital, 1959-70 (still deciding on the
exact year). A new intern has just collapsed and temporarily lost
consciousness (only for about 3-5 minutes). The cause is
supernatural, but when the head nurse arrives on the scene, she
suspects him of having taken drugs from the pharmacy, though she does
not openly say so.

He says "it must have been something I ate, or
maybe this stuffy room," and I want her to snidely ask "are you
making an official internal complaint about this Institution's
ventilation?" I'm not sure, however, if that's the correct phrasing
for the setting. Googling variants on "internal complaint procedure"
mostly brings up post-1990 references. Any suggestions for what the
most officious terminology would have been pre-1980s or earlier?
Bonus points if someone knows the name of a particular form for
hospital staff registering complaints.

Also, would the title "Psychological Intern" be accurate for someone
holding an internship in a state mental hospital? How would he be
addressed by the other staff? By the patients?
Tags: 1950-1959, 1960-1969, 1970-1979, usa: health care and hospitals, ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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