the source of all heresies (ms_worplesdon) wrote in little_details,
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Olympic Village housing

Hello! My question is about housing arrangements in Olympic villages.

My story takes place among athletes staying in the village during the 2016 Rio games. Action will take place within the village, at the sporting venues and the occasional restaurant or store in Rio de Janeiro. Specifically, it involves the interaction between two, possibly three women's teams. I cannot advance with my plot without finding out more about how teams are sorted into dormitories. For example, is it by team, nation, sport? Perhaps it's arbitrary every time?

I have searched with the terms "olympic village dormitory" and plural, "olympic village housing" and "olympic village housing arrangements", "olympic housing sorted by" and a couple of others that are escaping me. I also read two articles about the new construction in Rio and one about the Beijing village that wasn't specific about housing.

Thank you for your help!
Tags: ~sports (misc)

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