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Police Procedure: Office calling for ‘standbybackup’?

Police Procedure: Office calling for ‘standby backup’?


Setting: Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, ICU

For: Numb3rs

Character: LAPD Officer/Lieutenant Gary Walker

Situation: Unknown male [former SWAT leader Tim King] standing over ICU patient [FBI Special Agent Colby Granger], disconnecting medical paraphernalia when interrupted by Walker


Some details: Before Walker asks the attendant to open the doors security doors to the ICU ward, he has her call hospital security as he calls LAPD dispatch for [specific term for a ‘standby backup call’].  Walker finds King near Granger, calls for him to move away from the ICU bed and then approaches to handcuff him.  King pulls a knife on Walker and then escapes.


Dispatch, not having heard back from or being able to raise Lt. Walker, places the [specific term for a ‘standby backup call’].



I’ve looked through all the ‘law enforcement’ related tags on the site and have not gone through any posts over on the ‘ask a cop’ site because scrolling through all the aforementioned entries on this site has already made me incredibly dizzy (I have an inner ear disorder) and ‘ask a cop’ seems to have *no* tags whatsoever.  I have absolutely no idea as to even where to begin searching for this topic.


I *did* look at the Ten Code And Police Radio Codes and came up with the following possibles:


10-59  Security check./Malicious mischief </span></span>

10-63  Prepare to copy.</span></span>

10-66  Suspicious person.</span></span>

957  Delayed response of __ minutes. </span></span>

Code 8  Request cover/backup. </span></span>

Code 20  Officer needs assistance</span></span>


Any help in this would be much appreciated!  Thanks :)


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