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Need Movie Reference of Imprisonment In The Dark


Thank you all for your help previously with an HVAC question last year. I have yet another oddity question that can be answered:

FOR: NCIS fanfic
CHARACTER: a movie trivia buff
SITUATION: imprisoned in the dark. This reminds him of a movie.

My MCs are locked in the dark and are trying to keep a conversation going to pass the time. One of my MC is a movie buff so I thought it might be IC of him to toss out something about what movie their situation reminded him of. It's basically a throwaway reference. Hoping for a few movies to get some banter going as well.

I've tried google and bing using the following search words:
movie buried alive
movie imprisoned in the dark
movie imprisonment
movie confinement in the dark

Warning: I mostly got Ryan Reynolds' Buried 2010 movie, Casino and Shawshank Redemption which are not really fitting in the scene.

Anyone out there with a great movie memory? :) I just need a couple of titles. I'm fairly confident I could find some quirky trivia about them myself but need appropriate titles to start.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

EDIT: I haven't been able to reply to everyone yet but I wanted to acknowledge the responses have been STAGGERING! You guys are awesome! Keep them coming if possible. I have obviously been watching the wrong movies and am taking notes on every title here. Thank you so much!!! (And yes, it's Tony for those who guessed! LOL)
Tags: ~movies

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Recent Posts from This Community