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Timeline for applying to Annapolis

Setting/context: United States, 1992
Search terms: applying Annapolis, timeline applying Annapolis, requirements applying Annapolis, how to apply to Annapolis
Information already found: The most useful site I've found so far is (obviously) the USNA website. I've also looked at, various articles, and this comm's military tags.

I have a character who is 17 years old in 1992. He is applying to Annapolis, but he got a bit of a late start and didn't start the process until April of his junior year - is this still doable? My story takes place during his senior year of high school, so I'd like to have an idea of the timeline for applying to Annapolis - what he would have already done and what he would have left to do. I'm looking at the USNA website and I'm confused by some of the dates and the fact that they have "rolling admissions."

I've gleaned the following dates from the USNA website:
Spring of junior year: Pre-application to become an official candidate.
Late spring/early summer: Apply for a nomination from a senator/congressman/etc.
Fall (senior year): Most congressmen make decisions about nominations.
End of January: All nominations received by the USNA.
Mid-April: Students will receive notice of their appointments by this time.

When the story starts at the beginning of his senior year, I'm assuming that he will have already requested nominations from various sources. I need an idea of when the following would take place:
- Interview
- Medical Exam
- Candidate Fitness Assessment
- When/if he would find out that he has been nominated - as in, does the senator/congressman/whomever tell him directly, or does he only find out after the Academy has notified him in January?

I am also confused by when a student becomes an "official candidate"? Is it after he turns in his preliminary application in the spring of junior year, or after he receives a nomination? The website seems to indicate both.

Any extra info/links regarding the application process or requirements are appreciated. I'm aware of the physical and academic requirements, and my character is an excellent candidate - he's a football star, he has a strong academic record especially in math and science, his family has a decorated history in the Navy, and he is currently attending a boarding school that offers military prep courses. If there is something else I need to be aware of please let me know!

Also, all of the info I'm gathering is obviously based on the 2011 application process so any thoughts on how it would have been different in 1992 are welcome. (Obviously there would be no online applications or notifications, but otherwise...?)

Thank you in advance!
Tags: 1990-1999, usa: military (misc)

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