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Severely damaged hands and feet, recovery

Setting: Modern day Japan
Character: 16/17 year old human male
Context: The character, Z, has been tortured by an old enemy with a grudge. He was kept prisoner for several days before the torturer decided it would be crueler to let him live after the injuries inflicted on him. The main injuries I'm interested in are the ones inflicted on Z's hands and feet. He also has broken, cracked and bruised ribs and some internal bleeding.

Excerpts from the fic where the injuries were inflicted:

He’d broken Z’s ankles early on, laughing as he felt the delicate bones crunch under his feet as he punished his prey for trying to escape.

He had to give the brat some credit though; he hadn’t screamed at first, even when Q had crushed his ankles. He’d stayed mostly silent, forcing his screams into choked whimpers until Q had started on his fingers, breaking then dislocating them one bone at a time, even after Z had screamed himself hoarse.

The injuries are left untreated for about four days. Q dumps Z outside of a hospital in the middle of the night.

1) How likely is it that the injuries, especially the crushed ankles, would be infected after being left untreated for several days?
2) This sort of injury would require surgery to correct, yes? How long would it take, would it require parental consent (if a 16/17 year old still requires that in Japan) and would it be done at the same time as or after the internal bleeding is dealt with?
3) How likely is it that Z would regain full use of his hands and feet?
4) Z cannot talk and has no ID on him when he's found, therefore his medical records can't be accessed.
a) Would medical staff avoid the use of drugs that commonly cause allergic reactions, such as penicillin in this case?
b) What steps would be taken to find out his identity, i.e. broadcasting a picture of his face on the evening news with something along the lines of "teenage boy found severely beaten outside X hospital" in the hopes that family will come forward to identify him?

Research: "treatment of crush injuries to the hand", "treatment of crush injuries to the feet" "parental consent to surgery in japan"
Tags: japan (misc), ~medicine: injuries: broken bones, ~torture

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