caramel_tea (caramel_tea) wrote in little_details,

ant in your throat/windpipe

I tried different versions of "ant in body/windpipe/throat/nostrils" on google and didn't get anything.

I have a character who sleeps in a bed she doesn't know has ants crawling in it (not infested, just the occasional ant here and there). She was sleep-deprived and stressed and almost fell asleep the moment she hit the sack.

The questions: Is it possible not to feel an ant crawl up your nose or mouth while you're sleeping, especially if you're in deep sleep? Or would you wake up from that (I would imagine it feels like how an ant crawling up your arm would feel, only more irritating)? How would an ant up your throat or windpipe feel, and is it even possible for the ant to get as far as the bronchi, and if so, how would that feel? What symptoms would you have (if the ant's on the throat, maybe you'd have an irritating throat allergy-like inner itch, for example? Any chest pain?)? What would happen to you supposing the ant stays in there and you don't seek medical help (if the scenario's possible in the first place, the character doesn't know there's an ant inside her)? Let's make it crazier: if the ant died in there, what would happen?
Tags: ~medicine (misc)

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