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Name needed for a half werewolf part fairy baby girl

hi, I'm writing a story at the moment and I've introduced a new character, a baby girl. She is the daughter of a Russian werewolf called Vladimir and a human woman with Fae great, great grandparents. Both are dead, she has been adopted by a vampire and his mate who is also a werewolf (she is of Norse heritage.) The vampire in question (has Norse heritage) beheaded Vladimir in a fight to the death and was indirectly involved in the mothers death.

Q - I would really like suggestions for a name for the baby girl, either:

a - A Werewolf related name
b - A Russian name (for the father)
c - A Norse Goddesses name (not Freya or Fenrir please)
d - A colour (she has brown hair and brown eyes)
e - A combination of all of them?

Search terms used: Female Norse Gods, Norse Wolf Gods, Russian baby names, Russian female baby names, girls colour names, colour baby names..

It's driving me mad! Thanks in advance.
Tags: ~folklore (misc), ~names, ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my

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