Claire (monocle_claire) wrote in little_details,

General Amaterasu info and mythology?

A character of mine for an Angelic Layer RP is currently making an Angel (a sort of fighting doll) for his daughter, modelled after the Shinto goddess, Amaterasu. I used to have a big book on Japanese mythology but I lost it when I was around 10 so I only remember scraps of info pertaining to her.

Anyway, the character in question is supposed to draw elements of her personality and fighting style from bits from the Amaterasu myths and so far, I've got that she's quite soft-spoken and elegent, respectful but with something of a temper and a tendency for vanity as well, which come from the myth about the first eclipse. (She's also deathly afraid of cows, but that's beside the point. xD)

My questions are as follows:

Is it against any sort of etiquette for a Japanese person to create a derivative character of a god?

And, are there any other myths that I could use to build up the character more?

I tried googling Amaterasu's name, myths about her, myths about gods in general, but I just got a bunch of stuff I already knew or couldn't use. As for my first question, I had no idea what to google.

Thank you in advance!
Tags: japan: folklore, ~religion: shinto
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