»›she's an odd one ; or so I'm told‹« (meruberri) wrote in little_details,
»›she's an odd one ; or so I'm told‹«

long hair in the 1930s?

Setting: 1930/31 Chicago, IL USA
Character age: about 24
Fandom: Baccano! (0:54)

I've been using all my skills in google-fu and library research to try to find an answer to this but nothing is coming up.

I know that the 1920s was when there was a shift in culture and women in the cities cut their hair short. While the South tried to hold onto tradition. And all my searches for 20/30's hair styles brought up pictures of short hair. I even searched for long hair styles without much luck. The few times I've seen women with long hair in movies they're usually older or very proper and it's always tided up.

However, for some reason, this character has long hair. Practically past her waist. At first I thought it might just be because she spends the whole series in what appears to be a wedding dress. Maybe if she was dressed normally her hair would be up? This wasn't the case, it was still down in a 1934 illustration.

I'm wondering is there's a reason someone might have long hair? I kind of took it to imply that she's a good girl or old fashioned. Am I way off base?
Would this hold any kind of connotation?

I just don't see "maybe she likes it" as being a valid argument for the time... or her personality. Or am I just over thinking things again?

Anything you can tell me would be amazing. I am more interested in the history than just in the context of the show.

[ EDIT ] Wow, I got way more responses than I thought I would. Thank you so much everyone!
Tags: 1930-1939, usa: illinois, ~hygiene & grooming
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