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Naming Customs In Renaissance Italy: Beatifed vs. Canonized

I have a character who is born on this day, February 4, in the late 16th century in Italy, whose father is considering what to name him. Among the choices he considers is a saint's name. I looked up lists of saints whose day is Feb. 4, and found St. Andrew (Andrea) Corsini (this guy). The only problem, which I didn't see listed on the first site where I found him, was that, while he was beatified in 1374, he wasn't canonized until 1629.

So the question is: Would the father have considered naming his son after a person who was beatified but not yet a saint? (Beatified people do have days, I think.) It's a really little Little Detail, because the father ends up choosing a completely different name, but he really does seriously consider the "saint's" name, and I'd like to know if I can keep "Andrea," or if I should go back to my lists and maybe choose one of the martyrs of Fossombrone or something.

I've Googled Italian naming customs, Renaissance naming customs, Renaissance saint's names, and similar searches, and I've been reading Louis Haas's The Renaissance Man and His Children: Childbirth and Early Childhood in Florence, 1300-1600. That last is both scholarly and well written, and it assures me that parents did like to choose saints' names, but it says nothing at all about the names of people who are beatified but not yet sainted.
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