shortcrust (shortcrust) wrote in little_details,

How hot chocolate is made commercially

How is hot chocolate made in a coffeeshop?

Is there a machine which processes it fully in the way there is for other drinks, such as expressos, and the hot chocolate pours out?
Or is the milk heated/steamed some other way and the chocolate power added in? If so, before or after the milk is heated?

I've googled a number of different terms, with all the permutations of 'hot chocolate, starbucks, machine, commercial, coffeeshop/coffee shop, steamer' I can think of, but I'm curious as to if there are any baristas that could lend their knowledge?

The setting of the story is a modern day coffeeshop, such as Starbucks or an independent shop, whichever works better with details I can work out.

Thank you so much, everyone! I didn't expect such a wonderful set of replies, and so fast! Thank you!
Tags: ~food and drink (misc)
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