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Yellowstone eruption/aftermath

 Time frame: not determined

Setting: USA, rural North/South Carolina

Searched: Yahoo, Google- *famine, *causes of famine, *famine caused by natural disaster, *Yellowstone volcano/Caldera, *What would happen if the volcano in Yellowstone erupted.I also read something on this on I tried to search the tags here but I didn't see a natural disaster/volcano tag. If this would be under something else please let me know.

In my story theres a famine. I've settled on it having been caused by a natural disaster, in this case the eruption of the Yellowstone caldera. The volcanic eruption is not a hugh part of the story, as the primary focus is on two sisters, the main characters of the story. In my story it's  been about a year (maybe more/less depending on the info I get) since the eruption. I know in the aftermath of an eruption of this size a lot of people and animals and plant life(i.e crops) would die.

I guess what I really need to know how an eruption of this volcano would effect my characters in North/South Carolina. How long would the eruption last? What would the immediate aftermath be like? An article I read said ash from the eruption would block out the sun. Would that be the case in North/South Carolina as well? How long would ash remain in the atmosphere and how long would it blot out the sun? 

I also need info on how the people who survived the eruption would continue to survive.  How would they eat? Where would the food/water come from? Would the Government be in control of food during this time? Would there be rations? 

I can't think of anything else right now but I know I'm probably missing something important so I'll also take any info you think I should have on this scenario.

(Edited to add: OMG I just checked my email and saw this had been posted. Thank you everyone for all the help. It looks like theres a lot of really good info in here. Its about 3am where I am so I'm going to bed now but Il go through all the posts tomorrow and do individual comments. Sorry and thanks again.)
Tags: ~catastrophes, ~science (misc), ~science: geology, ~science: physics

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