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tacky Japanese names

Setting: modern day to near future (give or take 5 years from now)
Google: "tacky Japanese names", "Japanese name/naming trends"
Other research methods: kanji dictionaries (, yamasa), wikipedia

I have a lower-middle class Japanese family whose three daughters I'm having trouble deciding the names of. I'd prefer them to have tacky names (tacky parents hate their common names and gave their daughters names they thought were cool), but I don't know what's considered tacky in Japan nowadays, except perhaps Hanako or Hana (correct me if I'm wrong, I just read that somewhere). As my name-creating skills are nil, I was thinking of just using unusual spellings for common names, like 愛夜 for Aya, but I don't know if that (the kanji and/or the idea) is tacky. As well as having the daughters' names share a common kanji like the generational names used in China and Korea. Help?

Another question: I also have a character named Youko and am confused about the 暢子 and 容子 spellings (I might change to Masako or Hiroko and use the latter one). Wikipedia says they mean "free child" and "glorious child" respectively, but I didn't find any meanings close to those in the kanji dictionaries I looked at. Are they the kind of kanji whose meanings change depending on the context, or is wikipedia wrong?
Tags: ~languages: japanese, ~names

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