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ANON POST: Sewing eyelids shut as a means of torture?

The setting is modern-day southwestern United States, specifically in New Mexico. The character is being tortured by a group of people who are big on sensory deprivation, but who don't want to have to watch him 24 hours a day to make sure he doesn't remove a blindfold or headphones (and even with his hands tied behind him, he's the kind who would be able to get them off).

As an alternative, I'm now thinking sealing his ears with wax and cotton and sewing his eyelids shut. The first - the ears - is fairly simple to find basic information about. But the eye sewing is quite a bit harder. Most of my search terms have gotten me the same or closely related results, and I'm getting a little tired of seeing song titles.

I've only got a few basic questions about it.
1. If performed by a doctor, would the danger of infection by higher than with a normal suturing or the same? The floor of the building he's in is dirt, but it's not dirty, if that makes any sense.
2. What kind of damage could/would be expected to the eyes when the sutures come out, if any? What kind of damage could he do if he kept trying to force them open while they were sewn shut? Are the muscles in the eyelid strong enough for him to pop the stitches?
3. If his eyes have been sewn shut for seven days, I assume the photosensitivity would be pretty intense. Would his eyes be bandaged or covered to prevent light getting to them even if the cornea's weren't damaged?

Search terms I've tried on Google so far, all spectacularly unsuccessful (mostly song lyrics, embalming procedure questions, and willing body mod): "sewing eyes shut", "sensory deprivation, eyes", "sewing eyes, torture", "eyes, sewn, blind" and "sew eyelids shut"</cut>
Tags: ~blindness, ~medicine: injuries: eye injuries, ~torture

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