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Victorian era names

For a roleplaying game, I'll need a longish list of names--my Mad Scientist has both lab assistants (of both genders, she's female) and household servants (mostly female). She'd be somewhere in the US, era and location not strictly determined (yet), but somewhere in the "Victorian era" range and probably east coast or midwest.

I found a site: with a long list of names ganked from actual period records, but I'm not sure what of them would/would not be used in the US, and/or could be indicative of class/wealth/status. For a modern example, you probably wouldn't find a middle-class white kid in the US named Aaliyah. I tried a little googling with things like "victorian names class", but didn't find anything likely.

As a bonus, I'd like one era-appropriate name (preferably female) belonging to a vaguely plausible Significant Minority, probably Asian. I'm aiming for a name that very clearly indicates This Is Not A White Person, but as long as the person could plausibly have been in the US and working as a lab assistant somewhere between 1840 and 1890, origin is unimportant.
(this is mostly for amusement value--my character mixes up her assistants' names, and I want to throw a One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others name into the mix)

This doesn't have to be Perfectly Accurate, it's an RPG, not a novel, but I'd like to not be glaringly anachronistic, if I can avoid it.
Tags: 1800s (no decades given), usa: history (misc), ~names

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