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Kitchen sink dropped by plane: how much damage on a slab?

Hello all, new here; I've read the rules but I still hope I'm not making any mistake.

So, I've a question that can't really be solved with a simple google search, at least not by me, because it involves math and physics, and I'm thoroughly rubbish at both. Here's my question:

Say, if you drop by airplane a cast-iron kitchen sink (approx. 130 pounds) at an altitude of 6000 meters; say that drop speed is about more than 200 km per hour, would it be enough for said sink to smash into a concrete slab (for the foundations of a small building, like a house; let's say the height of the slab is about 40 cm) down below, and how much damage will it do? Like, how deep would the sink crash in? Any chance it would shatter the slab?

If there is also some sort of formula that you can give me along with the answer (even a very simple one involving speed, weight and resistance, stuff like that; again, math and physics, not my thing), it would be a fantastic bonus, and I will be forever grateful.

The numbers were provided by search word "parachute" on wikipedia and "cast iron sink weight" on google; as for the slab's height it's a rough approximation I got from different sources. Thanks in advance!
Tags: ~science: physics

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