SacredPorn on Dreamwidth (sacredpornondw) wrote in little_details,
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Don't run when you are bleeding?

First of all, please excuse my English if I made any mistakes :)

I vaguely remember reading something like "if you are bleeding, don't run, because the heart would pump faster and you would lose more blood."

Is this correct? I'm writing a modern day story about a guy cutting his arm (non-critical condition) and I've pretty much decided to make him "walk fast" to the clinic instead of "run to the clinic", but I just wanted to double-check to make sure.

Thank you!

Googled: move bleeding -brake -period first aid, don't run when you are bleeding -brake -period first aid, don't run when you are bleeding -brake -period, running while bleeding -brake
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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