Seth Gordon (sethg_prime) wrote in little_details,
Seth Gordon

Dialect check: Canadian Maritimes

I’m writing a story where the viewpoint character is an Acadian from Nova Scotia, and I want to make sure his English vocabulary is appropriate for that background. In particular, I would like to have the appropriate terms in that dialect for:

  • backpack (esp. the kind that an infantry soldier would carry)
  • prison
  • to break out of prison
  • Tsuga canadensis (Eastern or Canadian hemlock)
  • wild shrubbery or scrub, generically (the setting is a valley in rural Maine)
  • Viburnum lantanoides (hobblebush or witch-hobble or moosewood, a shrub that grows in eastern North America)
  • Oxalis montana (wood sorrel)

Resources consulted: Wikipedia s.v. Canadian Maritime English; Carelton County Colloquialisms; the “Canadian Slang and English Words” page on CKA.

Tags: canada (misc), ~languages: english (misc)

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