Dùlin (lomelinde_sama) wrote in little_details,

Hi ! New and lookin' for guns

Hiya everyone ! fanfic writer here needing a bit of info about guns for an upcoming plot bunny ...

I need to know what kind of guns cops have in the US (eventually in Japan, but I don't think cops actually do wear guns there) : I only get my knowledge fom detective novel, and caliber size has only a theoretical value for me, so maybe anyone could explain the difference between a 9mm and a .38. I need to get 3 cops equipped, if possible each with his own fav weapon. I tried browsing the Glock website, but I honestly have no idea which one is better for what.

Also, what kind of guns do you guys think people can get on the black market or on the street, in a society where there would be no free gun trade for every citizen ? Something powerful that can be well-hidden. I have no probs with ammo, but the gun to use them ... *looks sheepish*

Thanks minna !

Tags: ~weapons: firearms
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