pen37 (pen37) wrote in little_details,

Suggestions for Cultural Touchstones

I would love some suggestions for a story that I'm plotting. This is a near future setting where the protagonist is a history student. For the setup of the story, I need her to research a historical figure or place that an entire society uses as an identity touchstone. This needs to be a situation where if she can disprove a cultural assumption it would cause a fundamental shift in the culture that she's studying.

The cultural myth can be anything from a historical figure to an entire place. It needs to be something that could be potentially earth shattering for that culture, but virtually meaningless to her as an outsider. Something on the magnitude of having a college girl in Kiev Moscow discovering that George Washington was secretly a spy for the British during the Revolutionary War.
Tags: ~folklore (misc), ~history (misc), ~human culture (misc)
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