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Awareness of coming world war II in 1930s England?

 Setting: England, 1934/35  
In a projected fanfic, I have two sixteen year olds - a boy and a girl - discussing what they imagine their adult lives will be like. Both are middle class; the boy's father is a Captain in the Royal Navy, the girl's uncle is a seasoned traveller. I'm giving this information since it seems to make them likely to be among the first to know about an upcoming war. 
My questions are:  
1. In 1934, would there be any awareness of a coming war, at any level of society? In fact, was WWII thought to be coming at all?  
2. If not, when would be the earliest year such an awareness would exist?  
3. Assuming adults did believe the war was going to happen, would they discuss it with children and teenagers, or would it be more of a hush-hush, not talked about in front of them situation? (I realise this would vary from one person to another, but  I'm interested in what the prevailing reaction would be).  
4. Summing it up, how likely is it that these two characters would be able to consider, even in a vague way, the possible influence of the war on their futures?  
Search terms googled:  
pre world war two British society  
post world war one British society  
1930s British society  
1930s British society awareness of world war 2  
1934 British society  
I couldn't find anything that really answered my questions, and most material focussed more on post WWII society. 

Thank you for any help!
Tags: 1930-1939, uk: history: world war ii, ~world war ii

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