mr. marconi is a donkey (palmaceae) wrote in little_details,
mr. marconi is a donkey

Another resource/research community: sfa_history

I've just opened a community called sfa_history. It's a discussion/research community focusing on history, facts, mythology, folklore, legend and literature of interest to fans of the television show Sanctuary.

The reason I started this community is because Sanctuary relies heavily on all of the above mentioned sources of information due to its premise and backstory and a lot of fanfic writers really want to get their history right. So even if you're not a Sanctuary fan, there's going to be a lot of useful general information in this community regarding things like mythological and folkloric creatures, cryptozoology, Jack the Ripper, Victorian England, Nikola Tesla, historical accuracy, Victorian literature, vampires, drug use, etc.

Hope to see you at sfa_history!
Tags: #resources, ~folklore (misc), ~television

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