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A Considerably Vague Question About Suicide Attempts

For some reason, I feel incredibly dumb for asking this, but anyways...

One of the characters in my fic is going to attempt suicide and fail... my problem is that I'm not exactly sure how he'll do it. I've searched google for some inspiration and various suicide method pages, only I'm still indecisive about it, and so, I've come here.

Some information about the situation/character in question:

- He's attempted suicide before (twice - both times through minor overdoses), and therefore isn't entirely clueless about the subject.
- It's very doubtful that he'd plan it out. It would be a spur-of-the-moment thing, and thus, more likely to fail.
- His resources are limited to basic household objects and drugs.
- He must end up in hospital because of it.
- There has to be no long-term side-effects.
- It's possible that he could be under the influence of drugs/alcohol at the time of the attempt.
- How his attempt is foiled can be in a number of ways, as I haven't got the scene set in stone yet.

Some of the ways I was thinking of were hanging, wrist slitting or overdosing, as (from what I can gather) nine times out of ten, it usually fails due to one reason or another, though I am open to everything and anything you guys can throw at me. However, what I am more interested in is what happens after the attempt (which is something that the websites don't tend to go into detail about). As in, what happens once the letter is in the mail-box, as you could say, and what procedures will go down in hospital.

I'd like to see what you all can make of this - at the moment, I think my mind is too clogged up to think clearly, and therefore, making me lose the context of everything and anything.


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