ynx&nyx (seizansha) wrote in little_details,

looking for a half-human half-beast god(dess) *editted*

 I'm working out a set of erotica shorts that are set Post-Ragnarök, the Norse version of the Apocalypse: the War of the Gods brings about the end of man. I've included all the other pantheons and have already used a Norse goddess(Freya), an African god(Domfe) with a Greek immortal(Ganymede), a Native American god(The Great Thunderbird) and still have to write the Azteca god(Tezcatlipoca) and his servants. [I stand corrected.]

But I want to write the actual sacrificial piece to a half-beast god. As you can see I'm trying to stay away from the Greek, Roman and Egyptian pantheons and work the lesser known ones. Yes, I thought of Ganesh but being a god of luck and prosperity the virgin wouldn't be as reluctant as I want.

I've search Google, Wiki and Godchecker; getting nothing but descriptions of human head/animal body and vise versa. I'd prefer it to be at least half human, more than one animal is acceptable. I have tried to do it world-wide, but with two Europeans their origin doesn't matter. What they guard/lord over does not matter. Not gender specific either.
Tags: ~religion & mythology (misc)

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