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Japaneese Pharmacies and Shoulder Injuries.

Setting: Japan, about five-six years ago.
Research: Japanese Pharmacy, Japanese Pharmacy Practice, AC shoulder injury, AC injury wikipedia.

I'm writing a story where a boy (fifteen-ish) damages his shoulder. I decided to make it an AC shoulder injury, grade one. Basically, his AC joint is badly sprained, but not yet torn. At the moment his symptoms are mostly swelling and pain when moving. Thinking it isn't serious, he leaves it until a friend who knows a bit about sports related injuries starts to pester him to phone the doctor.

He books an appointment for the next day (he has plans that clash with the available appointments) and decides to go to the pharmacist to try and appease the friend. The workers at the pharmacy he goes to are pretty good at their job, but he will be downplaying his injury. I don't intend for the pharmacy visit to be much help, but I do want them to do their best with the information they are given and what they are allowed to do.

So, the questions would be:
1: Is there anything that an AC shoulder injury can be mistaken for? I seem to remember the site I linked to earlier saying you can mistake it for a collar bone injury of some sort, but I can't find it.
2: When the boy does go to the pharmacy, how are the people there likely to react, just based on the symptoms? More specifically, is there anything that they'd suggest? Would they ask to examine his shoulder?

I'm okay with info on how a pharmacist would act anywhere for the most part, since I'm not in a situation where I can ask one for info.
Tags: japan (misc), ~medicine (misc), ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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