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Police procedure re:stalking, with connection to murder case?

I've got a story set in modern-day Arizona, specifically Tucson, which involves my MC, a 20 year old woman, being a possible stalking victim. I've done a lot of research on how police would react to her (relatively mild) stalker, so I'm good on that.
Where I need help is this: My MC's roomate was recently murdered in a different state. The stalker, while showing no direct connection to the murder case, is still a bit too much of a coincidence given the timing. My question is, would police procedure in response to the stalking change significantly?  Would there be more substantial police protection, or even an attempt to arrest the suspect in connection to the murder case, or would they treat it like an unrelated incident? For the record, the stalker has talked to the MC a few times and the murdered roomate has never come up, so there's no hard evidence for a connection.

Search terms: Stalking police procedure, stalking procedure murder, murder suspect stalking

(sorry there aren't more search terms, I couldn't think of a good way to put it into a few words)
Tags: usa: arizona, ~stalking

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