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ca. 1940-1945: young boy surprised masturbating by mother USA


I need some input from US American citizens here. This is a reposted question from writing_sex, with just one good response so far, and I need some more detailed input.

A mother catches her son (somewhere between 11 and 14 years old) masturbating in his bed, in his own room, possibly just once, maybe more often. The family is well-off (banker, higher military or civil service, upper middle class or upper class), catholic and rather conservative. The boy is an only kid. Region is Boston or Philadelphia. The parents are in general not particularly warm and caring, the boy is the necessary, expected heir, and that's that. The mother is definitely not sex-friendly, has ceased doing her "wifely duty", is repressed. We are talking of somewhen between 1940 and 1945. The father is at home (not at war). The same topic up to the 1970s would also be interesting . Was there a watershed regarding this  somewhen for strictly catholic families in the USA?

How would the boy be treated? Spoken to? What would she be likely to say, how would she call what happens? Would he receive a punishment? What sort? What if he did it again? Anything which comes to your mind which would be different from e.g. what would happen at a later era or in a different country. I'd very much prefer if this came from more or less real experience of that era, so if any of you can ask your fathers or grandfathers without getting your heads snapped off.... ;-))) Else I also take second-hand experiences, in case you talked this over with someone of that generation, or heard about it elsewhere.

I would like actual examples how this would be referred to, what the exact language might be (terms, kinds of metaphors, idioms, etc.). If someone experienced this himself, I'd be overjoyed to get an account of this (you can also send me such by private message if you prefer!). It's the concrete references I am looking for

I got a very nice answer on writing_sex which however was more general. Google did not help that much, as most of what I got is washing up after all those child abuse cases. Personally I do suspect that what might ensue from the above scenario could just as well amount to full-blown (psychological) abuse, possibly even corporeal punishment/abuse, entirely depending on how rigid the parental/priestly setting is. That's why I am looking for actual accounts (I don't mind at all if these are clothed as "maybe"s or "possible"s).

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masturbation +catholic +1940s
masturbation + catholic +1950s
masturbation +mother +shame
masturbation +boy +penance

Thanks for the input :-)
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