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Icelandic cooking

I'm not entirely certain how, but my character has found themselves in Iceland, tucked away in a small house near Hðfn where they are trying to bake bread. In particular, traditional Icelandic rye bread.

I've found a couple of recipes, but here google translate, every online dictionary and my trusty home dictionary are failing me.

This is the sentence in the recipe - Deiginu hellt í dollu (Macintosh) með loki sem hefur verið þakið með bökunarpappír að innan og upp með börmum - which google suggests is - Pour dough into dollars (Macintosh) with a lid that has been coated with bökunarpappír the inside, with Borman.

or another - Allt hrært saman, sett í box (td gott macintosh-box eða álíka) og bakað í 4klst við 170° (með lokið á boxinu) - All mixed together, placed in the box (eg good Macintosh-box or similar) and bake for 4klst to 170 ° (complete with the box)

I've searched for Macintosh images, but all I get are computers and I'm at my wits end trying to figure out how to describe a scene when I have no idea what utensils are being used!
Tags: iceland: food and drink

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