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Stretcher-bearers and Signing Up.

 I'm writing a novel about the impact of World War One on two young men, and trying to make everything as factual/plausible as I can.

Firstly, I have an Irish-born character, let's call him character A, who has moved two years previous from Kilkenny to Liverpool, England, and volunteers from Liverpool with his friend as a stretcher-bearer in 1917. He refuses to carry weapons.
The questions I have are as follows:

1. What would the process of him signing up for this have involved? Where would he probably have gone to do this?

2.  What sort of training would he have had before he was sent out to Europe; for how long and what would it include?

3. Is it plausible that he and his friend could have worked carrying the same stretcher together?

4. What would his uniform look like? What differences would there be compared to serving soldiers?

5. How would his experiences been different from serving soldiers?

6. Character A is a fervent Socialist. I understand the general public reaction to Socialists and Trade Unionists at the time was poor. He is also Irish, and the Easter Uprising had happened only two years before the beginning of the novel. Is there any derogatory treatment or terms he could expect to receive or be called because of his beliefs or nationality? Preferably from around the right era (in the case of insults)? 

Also, if anyone has any information/details about what his daily life in the trenches would be like, that would be greatly appreciated.

Search terms used: derogatory terms for Irish, stretcher-bearers 1918, stretcher-bearers first world war.

Thanks in advance! 

Tags: 1910-1919, uk: history: world war i, uk: military: historical, ~world war i

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