The Reverend Kuria Dalmatia (kuriadalmatia) wrote in little_details,
The Reverend Kuria Dalmatia

Nickname for I-395 in Virginia

Setting: Present-day Arlington, VA area.

Context: The MC is told that her family has been killed in a traffic accident between the Virginia/Maryland state line and I-495. The person who delivers the news says, "Southbound I-395..." in describing the accident. I would like that the MC realizes the person is not a local, because locals refer to that particular stretch as [fill in the blank] instead of "Southbound I-395".

Question: Does the stretch of I-395 between the Virginia/Maryland state line and I-495 in have a specific nickname used by locals, such as "the Shirley" (short of the Shirley Highway)?

I believe the US 27 - I-395 interchange is referred to as "the Mixing Bowl", but I'm looking a little further south, perhaps near Landmark Mall or maybe the I-395/495/95 exchange.

Research/search terms: "Pentagon Road network", "mixing bowl DC", "Shirley Highway", "highways in DC Metro Area", "nicknames for I-395 Arlington, VA"
Tags: usa: virginia, ~languages: english: american, ~travel: ground & rail

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