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Delayed treatment for broken leg + certified field medical specialist

A little background: Set in the modern day. Four people are on a small chartered plane, flying over a rainforest in South America (an exact location is never given in the story and I don't think it's too important). The plane crashes.

I need some information on injuries and treatment for two people who are stranded in the rainforest. I've placed the rest of this behind a cut because it's kind of long and some of the injuries described may be kind of graphic.

The pilot dies in the crash. One of the passengers dies shortly thereafter from a severe arm wound (I'm thinking it got crushed while the plane was banging around, possibly severing the brachial artery). The second passenger is mostly okay; he gets a little banged up but is mostly bruised, headache-y, and possibly has a sprained ankle. The third breaks both of his legs in the crash but is otherwise okay. I'm not sure how likely this scenario is but I figure with a bit of hand waving no one will ask too many questions.

Browsing around on little_details has informed me that if I want the third passenger to survive, it's best if his legs were broken below the knee, and it seems to me like this would be reasonably consistent with an injury caused by the plane impacting the ground if his legs were planted on the floor of the plane, so I'm going with that. Googling (emergency kits on airplanes / standard plane equipment / first aid on planes) has given me a list of FAA mandated medical supplies on US-based aircraft, though I'm not convinced that this kit would come standard on small aircraft. 

The third passenger (the one with the broken legs) has been trained by the US Army as a field medical specialist, but was never in action and probably has not made use of this knowledge in the last twenty years. The second passenger (the one who's mostly okay) has no particular medical experience but could plausibly be trained in first aid and has good survival instincts. He's not sure if their mayday call was heard when they went down, but knows that, in the worst case, someone will notice they are missing and launch a search party within a day or so.

They decide to wait for help since it would be difficult for one of them to move at all. They get rescued at the end of three days. 

I need some information about how these two people would be likely to react to their injuries in this situation. I've tried getting more information about field medical specialist training (through google: army medic training / field medical specialist / army medical specialist / training at fort sam houston) but haven't had much luck.  I would also like to know more about how the third passenger would be affected by having his legs broken and not receiving hospital care for the first three days. If they manage to set and splint the bones after the initial injury and get him to a hospital within the following 72 hours, would he be likely to suffer any long term effects? I've googled "setting bones" and any related search terms I could think of but they all seem to assume that you will be able to get immediate hospital care, or don't address any complications resulting from setting your own bones and then waiting three days for care.

Any information you can provide, including possible search terms I may have overlooked or past little_details posts that I missed, would be greatly appreciated. If I've been unclear on any point, I will be happy to give more details about the characters or their situation. Thank you!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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