FUCKING ZUBAT (finding_jay) wrote in little_details,

Employment and wealth in 1830s England

My character, Eleanor, is the daughter of a fairly well-to-do family living in 1830s England. They're on the cusp from upper middle class to upper class, but lose their money, though not necessarily their social status. My character's parents are trying to marry her off so as to keep face.

My question is, what area would it be likely her father works in? I was thinking perhaps he would be an industrialist, given the revolution happening at the time, but wouldn't that increase his wealth, not decrease? What about real estate or stock brokers?

I've Googled 'industrialist 1830s England' and variations thereof, 'stock broker 1830s England', 'real estate 1830s England' and am currently perusing VictorianLondon.org.

Thanks, folks.
Tags: 1830-1839, uk: history: victorian era

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