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Would a fire affect nuclear weapons?

I'm revising a story, and I previously had a character start a fire on a building to run the people out without knowing a bunch of important science and weapons technology was inside. During revision, I decided he's going to do it knowing full well that he's doing - now I'm trying to figure out if I should add nuclear weapons into the mix. It's obviously not going to be a huge plant, just some experimentation.

I can't find out fire's effect on nuclear weapons. Every time I try to google, I get "Effects of Nuclear Weapons" or something about resulting fireballs. If burning up nuclear weapons have a huge affect on the surrounding area, then I won't have them, but having the threat of nuclear weapons earlier on in the story does make the stakes a lot higher.

So, long story short (too late), how would a fire affect nuclear weapons? I read about some fires in Russia that got close to places that might have nuclear weapons, and they didn't talk about any horrible things that could happen, so I'm leaning towards it's okay, but what about radiation and stuff?

Setting: Alternate History on Earth, 2030. Small town in Montana that has been working with the government when it comes to weapons/science.

Previously searched:
On google: "fire's effect on nuclear weapons" "can a fire destroy nuclear weapons" "burning a nuclear weapon"
tags in little_details: weapons (misc), fires
Tags: ~explosive & explosions, ~fires

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