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Gastric Ulcer Surgery,Edited; and Revolution c. 1840

Hi, guys!  Again, thanks for all of the information you've given me.  THE STORY THAT WILL NOT DIE is now 125K words (yes, you read that right).

So here are my two questions, each under a cut.

The main character and the princess have freed the dethroned king from the mad house.  The king is suffering from PTSD, and abdominal pain.  I'm going for ulcerative damage.  The initial damage was done by arsenic poisoning many years ago, but I'm thinking gastric ulcer.  That is probably going to mean gastric ulcer surgery using tools c. 1840 and possibly not in an OR.  Yes, there is a possibility of sepsis but I don't want that to happen.  I know what the stitches would be made of, and how he would be bandaged. How long would the recovery time be, and when would it be safe for the king to move? I'm also trying to think of how to diagnose a gastric ulcer.  The king vomited blood, but it was from being given red wine. His stools are normal.  I've googled 18th century gastric ulcer surgery, gastric ulcer surgery (big problem here is contemporary medical stuff only)

ETA: Thank you for the information on the inadvisibality (sp) of surgery.  I do want something that will do something bad but not kill the king.  I don't want a quiet recovery.  Any thoughts?.

Here is the second question, which might not be answerable.

As I've mentioned before, this country is fantasy, very loosely based on England. It is a small island country, surrounded by water.  (I haven't mentioned the navy and I'm leaving them out of it.)   I'm stalled out because I've got the rebels preparing to attack the capital city, where the Prince Regent has gone for the Season.  (There are Wanted posters all over the place for the princess, I've got that aspect covered.)  Since there are no religious bodies in my story, the town to town information has been passed by the mayors of each town and village.  The villagers have been hiding the rebels.  The princess is with the rebels, as is the aristocrat who used to be her fiance' and hopes to marry her and become her consort. 

I'm trying to figure out HOW the rebels attack against an armed militia.  I've never played war games or read many  books about war.  Not even war movies!  I've read  "Tale of Two Cities," watched the movie, read online (Wikipedia, French history websites, Wikipedia) and in books about revolutions (Irish, Russian, French), and I am stumped.  The city is not a walled city, and the palace is in or just outside the city.   Some of the rebels would have guns, some would have swords, some would have clubs.  How would the two aristocrats figure in all this?  I'm not sure the fiance' would lead the charge.  For one thing, he's a selfish swine.


I hope that I have been specific enough.
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